Reset Button

The Thanksgiving break flew by, huh? Sheesh, five days, sandwiched between two weekends, sounds like a good hunk of time, but man, it’s nothing! In three weeks, us teachers get another three weeks off for the holiday season. Three weeks! I know, I know, you working stiffs out there get jealous of us teacher types and our extended vacations, but hey, we’re watching your kids all day, and trying to help grow them up right, and, well, we need the time so we don’t go crazy and mess your children up.

Anyway, I can’t wait.

Three weeks.

What will we do with three weeks?

One of them is lost to Christmas stuff, but the other two are wide open. I plan on sleeping in (every day that I can). And seeing movies. And trying to get some reading done (I am so far behind, my TBR pile is burying me).



In three weeks, we get three weeks, but for now it’s good to be back in the classroom. I missed my students. They can aggravate the heck out of me, sure, but most of them are polite, and kind, and they give me hope that our future is in good hands. Some of these kids have marvelous attitudes. They smile, and though my classroom is windowless (save for the rectangular piece of safety glass beset into my door), you’d swear the sun was shining.

When people talk about battling this cancer crap, they say the fight is ninety percent mental. I believe it. I’m strong because I’ve always been strong. I’ve always believed in myself (sometimes a little too much). cancer can’t kill me because I won’t let it. I don’t want to die, so I won’t. Simple. Right? But there’s more to it. I have an amazing support system (my wife is in line for sainthood). And I am lucky to have insurance and health care and all that. And then there’s those kids. The little suckers give me so much more than they can ever understand. Their stupid-brilliant wisdom has me rolling with laughter. I can go from feeling like death warmed over to smiling from ear-to-ear in a matter of moments (it happened today). It’s pretty great.

Sometimes I take it all for granted. I get grumpy. I forget how lucky I am. But not for long. If I’m ever cold and standoffish (because I’m sick and in pain, not because I’m trying to be an a-hole – Loyal Reader, understand, we may not know each other all that well, but I never, ever try to be an a-hole – my parents raised me better than that), my students will begin asking what’s wrong, and pushing buttons, and before long I’m taking the bait and cracking up.

Oh man, life is good.

Rock out some why don’t you?!!!


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