Getting The Band Back Together

So some guys have golf. Some have football. Some go to church. Me? I rock and roll. I don’t have a Sunday afternoon or Monday night hobby. I’d rather rage with an overdriven wall of sound and pogo all night long.

At long last, my man-cave / jam room is complete. We got drums, keys, vocals, two guitars, and a bass, and tons of amplification to shake the block. I’ve built a nice little rock temple.


(Oh yeah!)

I’m breaking it in on Saturday. Got musician friends rollin’ by. It’s gonna get loud, Loyal Reader. I’m gonna get everything out. It’s fixing to be a religious experience. If you’ve ever been transported while playing live music you know what I mean. If not…let’s see…an analogy…it’s kind of like jumping out of a plane and hanging between worlds. You feel it from head to toe. It’s great therapy.

If you don’t jam, but you’ve danced wild and got sooo into it that you kind of went into a trance-like state, then you’re pretty close to feeling me. Jamming can get like that. With the vibrations flowing through the guitar strings, and then into an amplifier, and then out into the wild, charging your body, you fingers, your core, with electric sizzle.

This weekend can’t come soon enough.

This one is on the set list…



2 Responses to “Getting The Band Back Together”

  1. Your jam room sounds awesome. I’m more than a little jealous. Have a blast!

  2. One of these days Jobee. The planets will align and we will shred together, mentor and student, master and padwan…

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