Did you know that I can use my iPad2 as a complete, fully functional music studio? It’s pretty darn amazing.

This iPad thing is bonkers. The sleek tablet does EVERYTHING. I’ll read about an app, or, even cooler, I’ll think about an app, then go to the app store and search for it and boom-bam-bif! There it is!

All of the internal iPad things – games, a killer reader in iBooks, Garage Band – work as awesome as ever, but the stuff that truly flips me out are the apps that extend beyond the device to power or enable other devices. For instance, I picked up a Line Six Midi Mobilizer 2, a tiny adapter that connects the iPad with any midi-controlled device. I can plug in my midi keyboard (or any midi controller) and use it to play zillions of synth sounds (found in zillions of synthesizer and drum machine apps – many of which are free!). It’s crazy.


(My new studio. Futuro Robot Love. iPad2, I love you.)

I used to have a clunky computer, loaded with music programs, on a clunky stand, tethered to the keyboard. It worked well, but now I have the same functionality with a slick, thin, techno dream machine.

I’m considering an app (which requires an external adapter) that turns the iPad into a smart remote. I could bring the iPad from room to room and control every function on each of our TVs and their corresponding cable boxes. You can program the remote to do all sorts of cool stuff. It’ll remember favorite channels, let you create playlists for easy access to particular shows, and integrate the internet into your TV watching experience.

A cool app I stumbled upon yesterday takes your iTunes library and automatically finds music videos for every song in your collection. I opened The World Has Turned And Left Me Here by WEEZER and ten videos – the original music video, a few live performance clips, and a few You Tube videos – loaded right up. I paused the song and browsed the videos for a while. Very cool.

(Say goodbye to time.)

And then there’s those games. I never thought I’d like them. I have a 360 and a PS3 and get plenty of gaming in. Why would I want to spend more time gaming on my iPad. well, for starters, the games rock. They’re super addictive! Angry Birds rule the roost, but give Jetpack Joyride a try and just see where the time goes.

So, Loyal Reader? What apps fascinate you?

If you don’t have an iPad yet, just give in already. Buy one. Steal one. Do what you have to do, but get yourself one!

So cool…


3 Responses to “TechnoGeek”

  1. I got an iPad 2 for my birthday, had it a few months now. It really is amazing how many things you can do with it. I may have to email you for some recording tips. I have GarageBand on my iMac, but I really haven’t messed with it too much other than making up some stuff with the loops in there. As far as apps, the only ones I could recommend are the free Spin magazine app(you can pay for more content), and I just found an awesome free app about Jimi Hendrix. Bio, lineups, and of course the music.

  2. It’s a wonderful device.

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