New Blood


I got me some new blood.

No, I am not a vampire (nor would I choose immortality if given the opportunity), but my platelets were low, so they hooked me up and gave me a fresh supply of the red stuff.

I don’t feel any livelier. Some of the side effects include renewed vigor, but blood infusions have never worked that way for me. I usually don’t feel any difference. In fact, sometimes I get even more tired.

My sweetie pie says I got more color in my face. I didn’t know I was so colorless before. But, then, the other day, my gardener asked if I was anemic, so there you go. I guess I was looking a bit pale. It’s okay. I like this whole, pallid, heroin chic look. If I tousle my hair and make it big, I can furrow my eyebrows and glower like a short, bearded Edward  Cullen.



(The blood! The blood!! The blood!!!)



The infusion went smooth, but our visit to the hospital lasted ALL day looong! There are lots of sick folks out there, Loyal Reader. Hospital waiting rooms are overflowing with ’em.

Some interesting vignettes. There was an actual nun. A squat, jolly one with the full-on headpiece and a host of rosaries tied round her robe. It was fun to watch her interact with a 26 month year old named Jackson.

My doctor shook my hand and squeezed the hell out of it. I squeezed back. Neither of us backed down. In the end it was a draw. We finished the handshake with manly resolve and an understanding nod of the chin. My doctor is one cool dude.



The coolest song about vampires ever!



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