Saturday Afternoon

I’m waiting on my XBOX 360 to update. It’s damn slow. So slow, I am able to sneak a post in before falling into Skyrim.

(Oh yeah!)

The past twenty-four hours have been emotionally wonderful. Up and down, Loyal Reader. Mostly good though. I got to spend time with my niece and godson and nephew. They make life magic. My niece is two and a half and my nephews are one and a half. They are crazy adorable. Holding one is special. My godson, Matthew, digs buttons. He presses them and marvels at their effects. The window going up and down had him cracking up. I have this little cajun in my pocket – it’s a key ring that makes cajun sounds when you press one of the six buttons. The kid kept hitting the same two or three sayings, cracking up at the funny cajun voice emanating from the tiny speaker in plastic.

Can you believe my XBOX is still updating! It’s been a few. I had to think my way through some of the stuff above us. And still it’s updating. And updating. And updating. This is a perfect chance to paly Skyrim. A free afternoon. After Skyrimming, I’m gonna maybe watch a movie or some TV. We’ll see. It’s going to be a nice afternoon.

Come on XBOX! I’m waiting not so patiently!

How about some more cajun?


My XBOX is still updating. I went looking for the Skyrim picture then the cajun bit and I’m all ready to publish, but still, my XBOX is still updating!!!

Okay, I’m gonna go stare it down, Loyal Reader.


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