Wild & Free (And Anxious)

I don’t know how to relax. I’m in my electrolux, electric lounger, feet up, prone, but I’m jumping out of my skin. I can’t cool out. I blame the drugs.

Raised eyebrows, even out – I’m talking about Dr. prescribed pain medication, not party-all-night-and-blow-up-a-car drugs. You see, I am switching from one type of pain meds to another. I’m taking a long-lasting pain pill that works for 12 hours. That’s only two pills a day rather than the four pill a day cycle of my old medication. The less pills I gotta take the better. The big problem here is I’ve been on the four pill system for about a year. Weaning off the routine is tough stuff. My brain feels like scrambled eggs, fiending for the old drug while the new one begins to take hold. It’s kind of a mess.

So I here I sit, too tired to sleep, too anxious to do anything else.

And still the world goes round and round.

Seeking equilibrium, I float away on half thoughts of half things.

(Christopher Carrion, Lord of Midnight – I feel your pain…)



A pick me up. The 4 minute party…


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