The Calm Before The Calm

It’s been a rough week, Loyal Reader. I spent most of it queasy, clutching my ribs, mumbling, ick, ick, icky. I’m still a little shaky. Not a 100% just yet, but getting there…

I finally made it in to work today (sad to report I missed most of the week battling pain medication and going insane). Rolling out of bed this morning I still felt a bit kooky, but I screwed up my resolve, rolled with my wife (we work at the same school – killer, huh?) and then went to work siphoning as much youthful energy as possible.



The crazy kids in my classes are great at bolstering my spirits. They’re awesome well-wishers. This cancer fight is an unruly mix of individual strife (damn, how I ache!) and collective compassion. My students know all about what I’m going through and we talk about it openly. I talk their ears off about radiation and chemo and needles. We have fun with the horrid stuff and keep it positive. It’s super cathartic. Besides, after three days of sitting on the couch with Wendy Williams (big fan), and Anderson Cooper (big fan), and Jeremy Kyle (not so much), work is a breezy dream.

Thus begins the weekend. For the first time, in a long time, the missus and I don’t have anything planned on the calendar. I am sooo looking forward to just chilling with my girl, watching movies, reading, relaxing, and recouping.

Oh, and hey, check it out! The HWA has released the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Awards (not the official ballot – that’s coming soon). 7BRAINS is a potential Long Fiction contender. There are some heavy hitters in the running and it’s gonna be tough to make the final cut, but it’s nice to be listed among so many great works. Follow the link – – seek out some titles, and go on a horror literature shopping spree (you lucky dog you)!


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