How I love me some pasta. It used to be a weekly staple, but it fell out of the rotation. Why oh why did we give that up? What’s better than a kitchen smelling of pasta, fresh sauce, meatballs?

I hate how pasta is so heavy though. When I was a kid I never thought about it and ate as much pasta and meatballs as I could (my mama makes a mean meatball, see). I was very piggish. Nowadays, I’ve slowed my roll. My stomach is smaller.

Parmesan cheese is killer. I like it on each bite. Eating pasta has a physicality to it. Other dinners are serene by comparison. It’s hearty eating from the homeland (I pump my fist, repping my Italian blood). It runs neck and neck with Mexican food (I pump my other fist, repping my Hispanic heritage). I don’t think I could ever crown a winner. I think I could eat Mexican food more than once a week, but Italian is too much more than once.


(It’s weird posting a picture of pizza, but then, I LOVE pizza. It’s definitely one of my number one foods!)

In case it isn’t obvious, I am hungry. My wife is cooking up that pasta. I’m gonna grub it!

Food is the greatest.


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