Mad Tales About Mad Men

Damn, I’m writing under deadline! Under a dinner deadline! I want to be finished writing by the time dinner is served. The wife’s cooking some fancy potato dish that smells phenomenal.

So, what did you do today? Me? I worked. Hardly working. We are in the middle of GULLIVER’S TRAVELS, the Jonathan Swift version not the horrid Jack Black bomb (and I’m a big Jack Black fan). Jack Black’s movie would have worked if he used the real text like this Hallmark mini-series. Ted Danson plays Lemuel Gulliver and Mary Steenbergen plays Mary, Gulliver’s estranged wife and Ted Danson’s real life, Curb Your Enthusiasm, marriage partner. They’ve got chemistry. This movie is about three hours long, but it moves nice. Gulliver tells his story in flashbacks that weave with the narrative, blending his modern predicament with fantasies that bleed between worlds. He sees little people and is committed for his crazy-eyed insistence that they are there (they are not). He talks to invisible Lilliputians. He is as crazy as a crap house rat.


(So good)

Gulliver tells his tale with ferocious abandon, disregarding the real world as he struts and preens, reliving sad old memories. He gets despondent travelling for nine years, weary from adventure after adventure. He misses home – there’s a running theme here – but he can’t go home. He can never go home. Not after all the wild things he’s seen. He drags them into his mundane life and the nefarious (not so much) Dr. Bates, the man who took over Gulliver’s practice during his travels and employed Gulliver’s wife and her son and lived with them in Gulliver’s house, has him committed to a mental hospital. Gulliver’s back…but that fool is insane! The mad house only gets Gulliver going, telling mad tales to mad men about the corruption festering in their bones.

Had a nice day, Loyal Reader.

How about you?

More tomorrow maybe…


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