What’s up, 2013?

3:53 a.m. New Year’s Eve.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’ve been a bit reclusive these past few months, Michael’s Loyal Readers. And, before you say anything, I do want to offer my deepest apologies for the rude absence.  I know, I know… Yes, I do remember that I made a promise to keep my dear husband’s blog up. What the heck, right? Trust me, MLRs, my intent was absolutely genuine.  But, truthfully, the grieving process has been quite the hardhearted beeotch.  We’re talking crippling. The skillful and horrific words Michael crafted never came even close to personifying the dark, lonely, and scary truths of loss like this…

BUT! Luckily, my faithful companion, Insomnia, encouraged me to make use of the time and keep good on my promise this morning. So, F’ you, Grief, we’re going to attempt to be productive today! And, as cliché as it is, New Year’s Eve seemed as good a time as any to reflect on the talent, love, friendship and loss of my dear, sweet Michael Louis Calvillo.

At this point, you’re probably anxiously wondering, “Well, c’mon, what do you have to share? Hmm?”  I know, you’re waiting. You want something. It’s been a while. You wanna know what’s crackin? What’s going on with the earthly MLC world that Michael prematurely left behind? Can we expect more from MLC? Tupac continued giving the world more of his talent posthumously. We know MLC can do it too.

Well… yes, of course, you can definitely expect to see more from Michael Louis Calvillo in 2013! For starters, Bad Moon Books will be publishing Michael’s novel Bird Box in the early part of the new year. Yay, right? And, trust me, Michael’s Loyal Readers, you are going to love this one! In addition, as most of you know, Michael left behind a plethora of completed unpublished works (“Jefe, what is a plethora?”). So, needless to say, this upcoming year we will be working on securing loving publishing homes for Michael’s titles and decide on the appropriate timing of releases. Seriously, I promise to keep you all updated! Promise, promise. Virtual pinky swear!

Full Novel (Bad Moon Books; TBA 2013)

Full Novel
(Bad Moon Books; TBA 2013)

Also, in Michael’s honor we have been successfully running our charity club Lancers for Life at Lakeside High School. I am serving as the club advisor, along with my department chair and friend, Debbie Hanlon, and Deja (our daughter) is the club’s president. Since the beginning of the school year we have offered support to three families affected by cancer. We have a very kind and compassionate group of students that have really dedicated themselves to helping others and they have done a great job coming up with ideas on how to help others in need. We are all really looking forward to seeing this club become a permanent resource for our Lakeside students.


By the way, if you haven’t already, please “Like” us on Facebook.

Also, if you’re interested in donating to Lancers for Life, PayPal donations are accepted at calvillohopefund@gmail.com. Our club is so appreciative of the overwhelming encouragement we continue to receive and feel fortunate that we are able to provide support for these families because of the generosity of so many. So, a big “Thank you!” to all those who have supported Lancers for Life.

In closing, Michael’s Loyal Readers, I’d like to share a couple of links with you. Recently, Mr. Carl Alves facilitated a tribute to MLC featuring some of Michael’s most respected and loved writer colleagues. Very touching and beautifully stated words about MLC. Thank you to all who shared such beautiful words about our dearly missed Michael Louis Calvillo.



It’s hard to imagine a happy new year without the love of my life but someone once told me, “Sometimes you have to fake it to make it!” So, here’s to a happy and healthy new year, y’all!


3 Responses to “What’s up, 2013?”

  1. Gary Ethridge Says:

    You are truly remarkable, Michelle! Your love for Michael is amazing and inspirational to us all. You have a gift for writing as well and when you couple that with your dedication and compassion for others I pray that gives you some of the peace and comfort you so richly deserve. Thanks for keeping our wonderful memories of Michael alive! You rock!

  2. Justin Bird Says:

    Ah hell… I accidentally backed out of this page after typing out a bunch… Ah well, here it goes again:

    So for Christmas, my dad said he didn’t want to do any shopping, he just wanted to buy things online for people. Naturally, I asked for Mr. Calvillo’s books. So apparently he looked them up and found that they were sold at Barnes and Noble, so he went there to buy some after work one day, only to find they they were print on demand or e-book only. He got bummed out and started telling the lady that worked there the entire story: How Mr. Calvillo was my favorite teacher and for once in four years made me enjoy coming to school, and of course how eventually he passed away, as well as everything he read on this site.

    Apparently he got the woman that worked there crying with the story, and she was more than willing to help out, pointing out that e-books were really cheap, so for Christmas I got a nook and a $25 card for it. As I had already read I Will Rise during my freshman year (Mr. Calvillo let me borrow it, but made my dad sign a permission slip, haha.), I downloaded: As Fate Would Have It, Blood And Gristle, Bleed For You, and Lambs). I admit I have not yet started them, though I promise I will. I’ve been busy reading the new Percy Jackson book, the series that actually led to my initial interest in Mr. Calvillo’s class. I had been reading the series for about 2 years before that (If you don’t know what it’s about, it’s essentially about the Greek gods being real, and they have been drifting west with western culture over the years and no reside in America, still having demigod kids), and I was the first one into his class on the first day, and he was bust writing down a whole bunch of Greek mythology stuff on the whiteboard. I instantly smiled and struck up a Greek mythology conversation, and he has been my favorite teacher ever since.

    So yeah, after like, three and half years, I am finally able to read the rest of Mr. Calvillo’s books, and I am so happy about it! I Will Rise is still probably my favorite book I’ve ever read (I fell in love with the book at the part where (SPOILER ALERT FOR OTHER PEOPLE THAT MAY BE READING THIS) they cut his hand off and the tendrils flew out and sliced up everyone in the room, so I look forward to these ones, though I know I Will Rise will always have a special place in my dark, deformed, messed up heart.

    Now, I know I said I was working on a book, and I felt like it would be so easy to write at the time, because I got a nice, messed up starting scene, but it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get my mind into that very dark, disturbing, morbid, twisted, sadistic, violent, evil, f***ed up place that I need it to be to write it. It’s coming… some day I know I’ll do it…

    P.S. Are you at Lakeside often? I’d really like to drop by and meet you some time if you aren’t too busy.

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